A community based initiative in Sri Lanka to keep our natural environment clean

Thalangama Wetland Watch

Community Involvement


At your place: Best start at home. Adopt a piece of street, which you keep clean. This can be in front of your own residence but best extend it to your right or left or free plots nearby where nobody feels responsible or your neighbors are too old for the job. We can assure you that your community will cherish your service.

In our area: Most of our volunteers who engage in the cleaning activities do this as a free community service. However, for some hard tasks and cleaning routes, or on days when some of us are busy with their normal jobs, we need help, and pay those helpers a half or full day allowance. We also pay a fee for using our waste storage and sorting place, pay for new bags and equipment, and give a ‘token’ to the KMC waste collectors who receive from us 10-30 sorted bags every week.

These costs are currently covered by about 5 community members. There is no external funding by any donor or project since we started in late 2016. All funds are 100% used to cover direct expenditures, without any overhead or indirect costs, or any financial benefit for the organizers. This is an in-kind community service, not an NGO, and “not a business to make money”, also not through this internet page, as some people might think. We do not receive one rupee from our webpage as we do not host any advertisements. In contrary, we pay for it to be online.

As all costs - including labor - went up recently, we are not breaking even, and welcome again private or corporate contributions, ideally as regular standing bank orders. In case we receive more funds than we are spending, we will use all surplus to pay helpers to clean an even larger area.

    Our account is:
                Bank & branch: HNB, Rajagiriya Branch
                A/C no: 036 020 409 772
                SWIFT: HBLILKLX.

Our bank statements are collected and monitored by an independent community member. As a non-profit initiative, no member of the Wetland Watch can use any funds for personal benefit. For any questions please email us.

With the support of more community members and external sympathizers, our model of Community Responsibility and Action will become more sustainable and show other communities a pathway how to support our authorities in maintaining our natural environment.

Our financial statement can be found here.