A community based initiative in Sri Lanka to keep our natural environment clean

Thalangama Wetland Watch

Community Involvement


At your place: Best start at home. Adopt a piece of street, which you keep clean. This can be in front of your own residence but best extend it to junctions or free plots nearby where nobody feels responsible or your neighbors are too old for the job. We can assure you that your community will cherish your service.

In our area:Initially all work was done by volunteers living in our area. But as most of us have normal jobs, we are now supported by a part-time assistant, Mr. Neill Burke. As ‘waste has no holidays’, and the Thalangama lake has visitors 7 days a week, Neill is every day on the road, supported by us in evenings or on weekends. His salary and cost of equipment are shared by a group of community members. However, we are short of standing orders (regular contributions) and would appreciate donations to (i) distribute Neill's pay more equally, and (ii) expand our monitoring area to lakes and wetlands in the vicinity.

    Our account is:
                Bank & branch: HNB, Rajagiriya Branch
                Account name: Mr. P. Drechsel
                A/C no: 036 020 409 772
                SWIFT: HBLILKLX.

An alternative is also to join our cleaning efforts during the week or on weekends or support us with labor or boats to address the water hyacinth challenge (email).

With the support of more community members and external sympathizers, our model of Community Responsibility and Action will become more sustainable and show other communities a pathway how to support our authorities in maintaining our natural environment.